Revamped Skincare Routine

Since this whole journey began, I have geared my priorities to using more natural products on my skin. After reading numerous articles and excerpts, I became more aware of the healing properties associated with ingredients found in our everyday lives.

I have tried so many different serums and moisturizers that I could fill a bathtub. These products contained chemicals such as benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. At first, I noticed that my skin was clearing up however, it became extremely dry and when I stopped using it for a week my skin became worst.

People my age tend to have a lower tolerance for patients, we are less brand loyal and move on to a new solution when something does not work quickly. I am guilty of this when it came to the different products on the market for adult acne. I never saw a constant sign of improvement in my skin, it kept fluctuating between okay and unbearable. I guess you could say I had a holy crap moment, I realized after doing some research that I was probably confusing my skin and using products on it that were working agasint me. I thought that maybe I made my skin think I needed to develop an ability to fight off the chemicals I was applying to my skin. From then on I decided to focus on a simple and natural skincare routine.

I decided to revisit this skincare brand I use to buy when I was in High School, Eminence.  It is an organic skincare line that vers away from using harsh chemicals.

Looking back to the past, people had yet to develop all these different face products for dealing with acne. They relied on simple skincare routines which included minimal ingredients. I think it is important to revisit these traditions and recognize the possible link between organic/natural products and healthy skin.

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