Back to the start: clearing my skin my own way

As you can probably tell by the title, I am going to go through all the things that worked and did not work in an effort to clear my acne on my face. I will start by saying that this was a year long process and took alot of trial and error to determine what was actually helping the appearance of my skin. My first mistake was resorting to the topical treatments and just gearing my reasearch to finding moisterisers that eliminated all the bacteria on the surface of my skin. Spoiler alter, it was all internal! Turns out that some of the foods I was eating every day were actually harming my digestive system and the acne on my face was a result of that. The next few posts I will go through how I balanced my hormones and healed my gut. In this post I will cover what brought about my skin issues. I’d also like to add that I am a very gullable person and literally bought so many useless products that the amount of money I spent could pay for a semester of school. To bad they do not teach you how to avoid purchasing pointless products from Instagram ads.

Events leading up to the turning point: 

When I was sixteen, my skin started to break out more regularly so my doctor put me on a form of birth control to “eliminate” the breakouts. Many years later I realized that the birth control messed with the balance of my hormones. My body became reliant on the birth control to keep my body in balance. I was taken off these pills due to the incident following.

I find that there tends to be one initial event that happens to people that acts as a wake-up call. For me, that was when I got my blood clot. Now this came out of the blue, at first I thought it was a spider bite…. then I proceeded to google because that is how all great diagnoses form. I could not find an explanation for why my arm was purple and could not be moved more than an inch. I should also mention I am a bit stubborn and will take any measures to keep me from going to the doctor. So after about 5 days, my arm was getting worse and worse. I finally went to the doctor, then they sent me for an ultrasound, then to the hospital and I was informed I had a blood clot in my collar bone area.

The cause of the blood clot was unknown because it was in an unusual spot and given my young age, things didn’t really add up. I was then put on blood thinners for about 8 months.

Now that I was off my birth control and on the intense blood thinners my skin really started to break out. I was experiencing cystic acne all over my face and I became very uncomfortable in my own skin. I was determined to fix my skin and how I got to where I am today is quite the journey.I started to research different solutions to eliminate this acne. This is what started my path down the road of many “solutions”. I will disscuss my trial and errors in the next post, I don’t like when posts get to lengthy because I think they become boring!




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