Let’s talk about meat!

One of my favorite things to cook is meat. I really take the time to make sure it is done correctly. There has been tons of controversy surrounding the topic as to whether meat is beneficial or harmful for our bodies. I believe that due to the negative use of social media, people make fast assumptions based on other false assumptions they read online. It is likely that these people have no real knowledge of how meat is produced and one bad practice shapes their opinion of all meat producers.

Meat has been a staple component of the human diet for as long as mankind has been placed on this earth. There is so much controversy over the “benefits” of consuming grass-fed beef. I personally am not a fan of this term because all beef is grass fed. It does have a different taste when the animal only consumes grass, however, the nutritional content is the same as a cow finished on grain.

People tend to ignore the fact that the farming sector plays a huge role in our everyday lives. The things people are able to do and consume is made possible and sustainable because of the farming and agriculture sector. Sometimes the positive voices get silenced by all the negativity and create a negative outlook on a variety of topics.

Appreciate all we are gifted in life and find value in every experience and aspect of your life.


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