Late Night Bite

My philosophy for food is if you desire it then eat it. The most important skill I have gained over my years is the ability to eat an excessive amount of food at once. Some would say ew, however, I have received many compliments on my ability to out eat everyone. Let’s just say that when I arrive home from the bar my snack once consisted of 4 large chicken fingers and a pork chop, on the bone of course! I would set a time for about 20 minutes till my snack was cooked, walk up, eat it, and then return to sleep. I have my priorities in check! This is one of the most useful uses for leftovers. Here are my essential freezer items for a successful late night snack:

  1. Chicken fingers from Costco (the only ones I trust, aka. My favorite ones).
  2. Frozen wonton or gyoza from Costco.
  3. Leftover pizza. Once it’s been in the fridge for a couple of days I put it in zip bloc and through it in the freezer. When I want to eat it I just throw it in the oven and it actually tastes pretty damn good.My favorite kind of Neapolitan, it looks a little something like this;


Side Note: It’s best to have pizza already in your fridge or freezer because sometimes you try to order it late at night when you return home from a “business outing” and it shows up at your door 11am the next morning.

Honestly, the people you share these memories with make the food all that much better. I think one of the reasons I have chosen the top 3 items that I have is because of the fond memories I have attached to each item. I think of food as another language, a way of expressing, comprehending, and communicating certain feelings and events in my life.

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