Jump Start

I have never written a blog post or any kind of diary entry before. I am currently working my way through university and my profs are constantly telling me what and how to write things. I am going to use this as my portal out of the school mindset and talk about something I am quite passionate about…..FOOD! Now one thing to start with is, I qualify drinks as food, I am going to put them in the category of food because they fulfill my every need just in the same way as food. I am going to be honest, this is probably going to be the longest post I will write on here because I want to cut the shit and get right to the good stuff, what to eat and how to eat it, based on my personal preference.

Now I mentioned that I am indeed in university, I have almost completed my third year and when I’m not attending school, I am most likely eating or drinking something. That probably strikes the thought of, “wow she’s got way to much time on your hands”, FALSE.  I have been taught from a young age to make time for the things you love or multitask. If you want to stick it out and tag along for the journey, by all means, please do! At the end of each post I will inflict on you some of my words of wisdom or whatever, here’s my first one;

  1. Wash it down with something good. I’d suggest a nice red wine, I’ve mastered the skills of being able to pair that delicious juice with pretty much any kind of meal.
Thanks for reading, I will include a ton more food talk next time.
Hopefully this will satisfy you enough till next time....


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